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Author Topic: DGIII download new scenarios here  (Read 28211 times)

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02 August 2004, 17:37:22
May 2007: DGIII is no longer supported, a new version is out the DGIV that you can find here:

DGIII scenarios download page

You can find below mores scenarios made specially for the DGIII
each section contain a description and the link to download
the scenario at the end. All the scenario must be unziped
in the Orbiter directory.  

Don't hesitate to submit new scenarios: special launch windows, tricky situations, rescues etc etc

Happy flying !

1-Antarctica touch down

Author: Alex 'Shirson' Nevskiy
Difficulty: Hard
Duration: 120 minutes

The DG-III "Iguana" crash landed on antarctic ice. We do not have accurate information regarding crew
status nor the exact shipwreck coordinates.
Probable location of the crash site is estimated to be between 64°W 70°S and 66°W 72°S.
Unfortunatelly, only one rescue glider designated "Extractor" is equipped with the right search systems to
detect the hull of the wrecked ship and time is critical in this matter. Do not waste time with atmospheric flight -
rescue the crew as soon as possible, otherwise they will freeze to death, when the "Iguana's" on board life support
system fails completely.

Your objectives:

1. Take off from CC (Cape Canaveral).
2. Reach the crash site.
3. Use onboard LRA (long range antena) to locate the wrecked "Iguana".
4. Land near "Iguana"; find and pickup survivors of the accident. (DO NOT try to refuel from the
"Iguana", the glider is severely damaged )
5. Start immediately and convey the survivors to any starport for medical assistance.
6. Leave the crew of "Iguana" at the starport and refuel the "Extractor".
7. Return to CC.

Good luck.


You must complete the above objectives within 180 minutes (or less).
DO NOT swith control to other ship (if you a real pilot, of cource ). Switch to crew of "Iguana" only to
transfer them to the "Extractor".


Download this scenario below :

Antarctica touch down

Unzip scenario into your Orbiter directory. (ex. C:\Orbiter )
Run orbiter.exe and select scenario from DeltaGliderIII -> Mission Scenary -> Antarctica touch down (Hard)


2-Explosion during Ascent (a bad day)

Author: DanSteph
Difficulty: easy for confirmed pilot (medium to hard otherwise)
Duration: 5-10mn

An explosion during your ascent from KCS damaged your left engine, the RCS systems
and leave you with only 15 secondes of fuel in the tanks, fortunately you didn't exploded
when the fuel escaped suddenly but now you must return safely to base.
Remember, 4 lives depend of your abilities, failure is not an option.

Some tips:

1. Shut down immediately the remaining engine (key "*")
2. Shut off the alarm (red blinking button)
3. Switch the ship control to "On" (ailevon control only).
4. Dive immediately to gain speed and regain control of your ship
5. Head on to KCS landing strip
6. During the dive switch "main engine gimbal" : "Mode" button to "comp" and "Comp" to "auto"
    so you will not spin if you use the engine for final adjustment. (15 secondes of fuel remember)
7. Try to keep speed until very close from the landing strip.
8. Don't forget the landing gear just before landing.

Good luck.

Download this scenario below :

Ascent trouble

Unzip scenario into your Orbiter directory. (ex. C:\Orbiter )
Run orbiter.exe and select scenario from DeltaGliderIII -> Mission Scenary -> Explosion during ascent (easy)


3-Lost Love on Phobos

Author: DanSteph
Difficulty: medium for confirmed pilot (hard to very hard otherwise)
Duration: 1 hours (long but beautiful mission)

Your love Loraine Horn, crew member of a minning DGIII just crashed on Phobos.
they have enough oxygen for now but theirs engine are dead, you must take off with the Rescue team
from Mars, reach phobos and try to save the crew of the crashed DGIII either EVAing each crew and catch
them near phobos either trying to lift off a bit the damaged DGIII with the RCS in translation mode and
make the tranfert in space.

Don't abandon your love.

Some tips:

1. If you don't know how to reach Phobos, look Trevor's tutorial. (see download page)
2. Use the AE35 antenna near phobos to locate the wrecked ship.
3. You can EVA each members separately or lift of the wrecked DGIII with RCS in translation mode.
4. Don't be affraid by the lack of visual floor on Phobos in certain view, Orbiter collide code consider phobos
as if it is round wich is not but the wrecked ship is really landed.
5. Even if it's very low the gravity of phobos may complicate the operation, keep it in mind.
6. Consider your mission a success if all crew are aboard the rescue ship.

Good luck.

Download this scenario below :

Unzip scenario into your Orbiter directory. (ex. C:\Orbiter )
Run orbiter.exe and select scenario from DeltaGliderIII -> Mission Scenary -> Lost love on Phobos (hard)
the "black cockpit" scenary is the same mission but you must power on the DGIII before start.



Author: Alexander 'Shirson' Nevskiy
Difficult: Easy
Duration: 15-20 min
Info:  The main interest of this scenario is that it will add a new base on Mars without headeach.

DG-III "Driller" orbiting Mars. Land on starport M.O.R.E. and disembark new employees on outpost.


Download this scenario below :


Start Outpost.exe and choose folder with Orbiter.exe
Installation program automaticaly add those files:
-more.cfg- Starport M.O.R.E.
-Outpost (Easy).scn - Scenario file update files
-mars.cfg - Program update BaseNumber and add new base, leaving all other information unchanged!

Run orbiter.exe and select scenario from DeltaGliderIII -> Mission Scenary ->Outpost (Easy)


Your cool scenario here
Author: DanSteph
Difficulty: very easy :)

To submit you cool scenario to make it available for others, follow the layout of the
previous scenarios presentation.

1-provide a 250 pixel max width jpg image that can illustrate your scenario
2-prepare a description of the mission and a basic "how to" so user aren't lost.
3-prepare the zip of the *.scn file so it goes directly in the right folder if user unzip it in Orbiter
   (the scenario must go in one of the "Scenarios/DeltaGliderIII/.." folder )
4- send the whole thing to me by mail or post it in this forum, I'll move it in this post

Scenarios can be launch windows, cool place to visit or more intensive;
rescue mission, mission with a DG3 failure etc etc



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Reply #1 - 10 August 2004, 15:28:30

added a new mission:


More to come soon, watch this space.


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