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Author Topic: controlled re-entry?  (Read 2014 times)

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03 February 2004, 03:03:33
with the DG 2, going ass first into the atmosphere with full thrust usually resulted in overheat, but
the crew lived.
now the ship nearly always "incinerates"

are there any "safe" methods for a controlled re-intry? :)

Offline Arkalius

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Reply #1 - 03 February 2004, 08:32:32
use the reentry autopilot... easy hehe


Offline canadave

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Reply #2 - 03 February 2004, 15:34:33
Ummmm...*hazarding a guess*...don't go ass-first?? :)

Going "ass-first" would be the wrong way to go--if the DG2 crew lived doing that, then that was a
bug that Dan has fixed with the DG3 (more realistic hull temperature computations and crew life
support calculations).


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