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Author Topic: DGII in Orbiter 031217  (Read 1817 times)

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26 January 2004, 09:16:04
I've just installed the Delta Glider II (G-SNOD) in the latest version of Orbiter (031217). I've noticed
that some textures are displayed incorrectly, in particular the wings are missing as well as the
landing gear. Other than this cosmetic problem the DGII works perfectly in all respects. Is there
any way of getting these textures to display?


Frank A Klesnik

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Reply #1 - 26 January 2004, 09:45:57
I'm working on a brand new DGII (called DGIII)
that is specially made for the Orbiter 031217

It's still an alpha version but I think it's flyable already
you can try it here :

Is your 3d card able to handle 512x512 texture ?
It might be your problem the wing are 512x512 while the others
are still 256... if this is the case you will have problem
also with the DGIII


Frank Klesnik

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Reply #2 - 29 January 2004, 10:49:37
I'm running a PIII 450 with a Voodoo3 3000 16MB graphics card. That may well be the problem. Is
there any chance of tacking 256x256 wings onto the DGIII for those of us still using steam
powered computers? Regretably my money tree refuses to grow.  :P

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