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Author Topic: On Line Idea!  (Read 3665 times)

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19 November 2003, 08:04:12
Hey guys I have an Idea for Orbiter and the forum let me know what you think.

My idea is to form a group known as the "TRENCH" The trench would be made up of guys like
Martin, Dan and other's who have a solid understanding of the math and physics to anwser the
math and other questions during a mission. What I am thinking of is that as a group we would pick
a time and a date to perform a particular scenario together. We could all get online and ask
the "TRENCH" to help calculate burns for orbits, tranfers, insertions and other manuvers like
launch and reentry. THis would be a good way of learning more about the science and the math
behind Orbiter. We could all offer our input and discuss why one particular approach to a targeted
burn might be better than others and why?
  I am sure there are other Orbiter fans like myself that have a good understanding of how things
work and can get the job done but, was there a better way? A more fuel efficent way? In the days
of Gemini and Apollo the guys in the trench would work out all the math to check out the burns
before they occured to ensure the planed procedures would net the desired result.

I am a hands on learner. I think it could be fun and it certainly would be educational. I would like
to do this with one of our NASSAC missions where we have as many 20-25 kids involved in
learning  Orbital mechanics through an Orbiter scenario.

Let me know what you think. good, bad, nutty, dreaming whatever. Let me know.

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