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Author Topic: Newest Orbiter is great  (Read 1870 times)

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13 November 2003, 05:44:26
Just sat down to fiddle with the new orbiter. I found that I could expand the view across three
monitors for a multimonitor view. I set the three monitors for 1024x768 in my settings and then
set the windowed video output fot 2050x800 and now I have a really huge dispaly in our
multipurpose simulator for NASSAC. The improved graphics and smoke effects are really nice as
well.  Now if the next version would allow undocking the MFD displays to a remote window and  
aloow multiplayers to network  then orbiter would be perfect. You can always dream! Seriously,
Martin has done a great job and if he doesn't do another upgrade Orbiter will be just fine for me.
And now that the new Shuttle arm can grapple and retrive a satellite we can plan our next mission
for NASSAC. (Sorry Dan but the DGII is grounded pending the upgrades). nudge...nudge...

I tried using VMC with the new orbiter put it would not connect to orbiter, I guess that VMC will
have to be upgraded. I will look into this futher. Good to see the chatter up on the forum. Nothing
like a new realease to get the cosmic juices flowing again.


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Reply #1 - 13 November 2003, 09:11:22
Mutliple display look really nice, with the new level 9 texture
it should look awesome.

For the DGII I understand, non problem. Directive from UWSA
no BE345.67 stated that there was a security problem in the module
AE35, the process to exchange it will be a bit long because this modul
is deeply integrated into the hull, so several work are to be done.

But our team are working on it 24/24 , no worry.

Welcome aboard again :friend:


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