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Author Topic: Download formats, etc  (Read 1831 times)

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Offline coffee_dan

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02 October 2003, 17:45:42
I'm new to the orbiter, and I'm trying to download as much as possible. I'm using a work connection to the Internet- it's
quick, but I think there's a proxy, and some files aren't working- could be that I'm using a Mac. Could somebody help?

#1: the sound plugin is downloading as "OrbiterSound25_Setup.php" I can't open this. Does it need to be converted,
renamed, unzipped? I'm good with computers, but php is new to me.

#2: nothing on is downloading. I think this might be a proxy issue, although I've never had to deal with it
before. If so, I don't think I can get around it, so could somebody please email me the Challenger and Atlantis updates
(both 2.5)? I'd really appreciate it, just let me know beforehand and I can give you my address with ample room for both.


Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 03 October 2003, 00:19:11
Hello Dan :)

Php script should be interpreted on the server side
are you using a download manager ? in this case it's possible
that you get only the script. Another possibilities is that
your proxy block *.exe file

anyway you can try again without the download manager
or click on this link:

tell me if it still don't work.


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Offline coffee_dan

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Reply #2 - 03 October 2003, 02:21:03
Thanks, Dan #1.

This worked fine. I have yet to try it out though, to see how great it sounds!

As for the files on the other site, I managed to get them through somebody else, but thanks to
anybody who considered helping!

Dan #coffee

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