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Author Topic: What became of Michelle?  (Read 1815 times)

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Offline Cracker

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13 September 2003, 13:50:45
I wonder what became of Michelle Meghan, she was really good at putting words to her
adventures using Orbiter. I was looking forward to her next trip.

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Offline Michelle Megan

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Reply #1 - 27 September 2003, 04:17:27
Thanks for the kind words Hon..

I have been away working on another item called Jumpgate.
It's a real neat Massively Multi Player Online Game. Its a Space type flying game, where some 100
people are all online at the same time. The info is somewhat extensive and the server for the first
time in 5 months is down. But you can see the Info about it here.

Just copy paste this to your search bar and you will see where I have been, the main page is
down now, and sign up is also unavailable till they fix it. But the info tabs on the left still work.
If anyone is interested in this game, let me know and Ill pass ya some tips on how to get going.
Or you can check out my Forum I created for the game and contact me there.

Nice to know you still think about me ;)

Michelle Megan

The Universe Honors All Clearly Defined Intentions Which Are Backed By Absolute Commitment.

Offline reekchaa

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Reply #2 - 11 November 2003, 06:20:38
Thanks for the info, Michelle... Looks like an interesting game.

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