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Author Topic: Aerodynamic pressure and structrual stresses  (Read 2124 times)

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Offline C3PO

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13 August 2003, 02:26:56
Maybe you are the right man to ask. I know the GSNDO calculates the heat of the reentry.:hot:
What about Aerodynamic forces?

Is there way to calculate the stress on a craft as it accelerates in the atmosphere? I'm not looking
at very accurate figures, just an aproximation.

Let's say we choose a max speed of 200km/s@20km(8.2kPa). What speed will give the same
stress at 10km or 40km?:help:



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Reply #1 - 26 September 2003, 04:59:22
Can GSNDO burn up your spaceship if you reenter incorrectly?  Where can I get it? :hot:

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