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Author Topic: Question about reseting the date in Orbiter scenerios  (Read 1819 times)

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30 June 2003, 05:42:56
In resetting the scenario MJD to a specific date I noticed some strange behavior. The day or sun
was off, 12 hours. In other words it was dark at KFC at 9AM and I don't know why. When
resetting the MJD to a specfic date or just leaving it blank and using the current date, are there
other parameters that need to be changed or taken into consideration?


Offline Michelle Megan

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Reply #1 - 30 June 2003, 16:26:53

Um 9:00 AM GMT? or UTC? Local?

I thought I had one of those happen to me too, Untill I realized I was guaging it on Local time
versus UTC, as displayed on the upper right..

Michelle Megan

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