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Author Topic: How do I attach pictures to a post  (Read 2178 times)

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01 June 2003, 03:27:51

Hello Dan and Orbiter forum fans,

Can anyone give me detailed instructions on how to include pictures in a post. I have never done
it except by using an attach command button. I saw in help were it said to use url   .
but i have no idea what this means.  I guess the address would be something like
http:\\\c:\nassac\upload\flight deck   but were do I do this????

Thanks John

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 02 June 2003, 21:33:38
Hello John,

You must first find a place where you can upload your image
(many place are free on the net for some small hosting like
photo album)

Let me search a bit......

google, google, google......

for example :
but there are many other just do a search in google with the keyword:
free hosting image album

Than in most forum you must give the complete path to your
photo often enclosed in "img" tag (see help at top of my forum)

it could be for example: [img ]h ttp://ww[/img ]

I enclosed some space so this example isn't interpreted as an image path
otherwise instead of the text it will show like this:

broken image link as there is no image available at this place.
(if you right click on this broken image link and click properties
you will see the complete path where the image should be.
If you have your site this is even simplier just upload an image
on your site and give the full path with image's name enclosed in
[img ][/img ] tag (of course remove space)

Take care that often link are case sensistive and any spelling error
will give a broken image link (you can test on my forum no worry)

I hope this help ? otherwise feel free to ask again what cause
you problem.


John Abent

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Reply #2 - 03 June 2003, 08:33:16
Thanks Dan,

I don't have a .com site yet, but my brother is working on setting up a .com site for me as we
speak. Thanks for the detailed info. I will follow it through tommorow.

By the way my brother and his son are going to help me with the programing for the goflight
switches. If we run into some programing questions would you mind if we querried you? Both my
brother and his son are pretty proficeint with C++ and VBS and working with modules  but they
are not familiar with Orbiter. We are going to work on Atlantis. Is the source code available for
Atlantis?   We would like to work on your DeltaII Glider but I know that the source code is not
organized or documented enough for you to do that. Maybe in the future.

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