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Author Topic: Question about coding technique for OrbiterSound  (Read 2137 times)

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Peter Bailey

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23 May 2003, 01:49:41
Hello Dan, fantastic work on OrbiterSound ... and I just downloaded your DGII.  Fantastic attention
to detail!  I am trying to write some custom Orbiter add-ons myself, and had a question about
OrbiterSound.  It's a plug-in, but other plug-ins like the DGII or the Atlantis can invoke
OrbiterSound methods, to play custom sounds.  So you have one DLL talking to another DLL.  How
did you do that?

Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 23 May 2003, 09:51:57
Sorry I don't have the code handy (I'm at work)
so I cannot detail but your right
the code in the OrbiterSound SDK detect
the OrbiterSound's dll and call some function.

So in fact the vessel "ask" orbitersound dll to
load or play sound... there is no sound code into the SDK
only connect and call code.


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