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Author Topic: DGII fuel loading question  (Read 2108 times)

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Offline Orbiter Fan

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11 May 2003, 15:58:02

Today, I was thinking on something that would be good and realistical to implement into the
shuttle fleet. I'm thinking on External Tank fuel and oxidizer loading. Dan, how are you
acomplishing the DGII fuel loading? Then I don't refer to the crossfeed system. I refer to the
refueling system when you activate the "Fuel hatch" button. Would it be possible to borrow the
code from DGII to the shuttle fleet? In the April 19 build you could acomplish this by setting
MaxRetroThrust to a negative thrust amount and then in the simulation start the "retro engine" to
fuel the vessel.

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Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 11 May 2003, 17:44:53
Hello David,

I use a function of the SDK: SetPropellantMass
the routine look as follow and as to be called within ovctimestep:

       // fuel the tank adding a small amount at each frame
       SetPropellantMass (ph_main,GetPropellantMass(ph_main)+(float)Data.SimStep*60);
       // Ensure that we don't fuel too much
             SetPropellantMass (ph_main,MAX_MAIN_FUEL);
             // add fuel completion flag here

the blank space are gone but once you indent it correctly
it will look clear.


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