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Author Topic: "KCS Reentry" Scenario...Where did it come from?  (Read 5321 times)

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Offline bgreman

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27 March 2003, 19:13:53
On my home computer, there is a DGII scenario called 'KCS REentry" or some such.  I don't have
this on my laptop, and I'm wondering where the heck I got it.  Both computers have the March 11
version of the DGII, and both have the Canadave docs, so I have no idea where this 'mystery'
scenario came from.


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Offline DanSteph

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Reply #1 - 27 March 2003, 23:20:59
Mhhh ?

That's really strange, I checked all the last version since 16 january
there is no KCS reentry scenario into them....
But I didn't kept the patch or "special bug" release that was
given only to some person.It's true that I keep several test
scenery for various situation but they are in a separate directory
that is never copied into the directory where I make the archive.
And also none of them is called "KCS reentry"

You may simply delete it if it distrurb you but
just by curiousity I would be greatly interested to know
where the heck it came from !!?? :)
(perhaps one scenery previous to 16 january or a patch ?)

Is there an description into it ?


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Offline sebfly

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Reply #2 - 27 March 2003, 23:21:29
I know where from...

From here:

I need to update this page. Its for an older version of Dan's DGII

Thanks for visiting...


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Reply #3 - 28 March 2003, 00:58:55
Thanks, that was driving me CRAZY.  I dled the newest DGII three times, trying to find that file.  
It's pretty useful.

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