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Author Topic: IMPORTANT: FORUM WILL SHUT DOWN  (Read 3925 times)

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Offline DanSteph

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08 July 2013, 12:15:09
And come back better..

The whole story:

My remote server's at OVH was paid until September but as it was very old (2005) they discontinued it so we should move to a new one. They said they send me a signed letter before the shut down so I had time to migrate but I never received it and was surprised to see it down and get (after three days of questions) the answer : "sorry, discontinued you'll have to buy a new server and migrate over there"

Expiration date September 17 - message "server expired"  :wall:

Problem is that the site is off-line as are the backup, so now I wait that the put it online again to get back the data. Once done I'll move to another provider because the never-sent-letter, the shut down of the whole stuff also with the site's ftp backup, the three days waiting for support's answer p*** me off. (800 euro per years since 2005, thanks for nothing)

The site is not very complicated to redo but migrating from my custom forum to a new system (compatible php 5 etc) might take time.

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Offline Cras

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Reply #1 - 08 July 2013, 20:51:59
Thanks DanSteph for keeping the forum going on your new site.  I look forward to spending a lot of time there.

See ya!

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Offline DanSteph

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Reply #2 - 08 July 2013, 21:19:57
Thanks cras :friend:

Offline David413

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Reply #3 - 09 July 2013, 03:19:38
Thanks for the heads up; yours is my forum of choice and has always been supportive.  Now that I have retired I hope to improve my add-ons with time and use your site to announce updates.

Thanks Dan for all your hard work and support...


Offline PilotRendevous

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Reply #4 - 10 July 2013, 00:05:23
hey, one: what do you mean change my password, and two:how do i change said password?

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Reply #5 - 10 July 2013, 00:21:20
The way the password is saved is by one-way encrypt method. You encrypt the password, and it can't be unencrypted back.
Then when you enter you password, it is encrypted the same way (producing the same encrypted string) and if it matches, boom you're connected.

Now there is no way to get the original password from the encrypted one (generally with  MD5, can be others), so hen he will move to the other server, everything but the password will be saved, so your email address should be valid to send back a password reset request.

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Offline Face

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Reply #6 - 26 July 2013, 13:47:32
Thanks for making that migration so painless for the user, Dan! My browser-cached password worked right away.

Great work with this new forum.  :wor:  :wor:

Offline jgrillo2002

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Reply #7 - 28 July 2013, 18:11:23
Nicely done with the forum migration, man