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Author Topic: Any Tips for Mission 1 - DG to ISS?  (Read 1091 times)

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08 May 2012, 17:08:35
Hi all, I'm new to Orbiter and have just started trying the 1st mission flying the DG to the ISS.  I'm a real world pilot so I'm quite comfortable with the surface modes and instruments and I'm a huge Space Shuttle fan so I know a lot of the terminology for spaceflight....but knowing the terminology and executing a flight are 2 different things...  I'm having all kinds of issues getting to the rendevous with the ISS.  I have been using the help system (ALT-F1) while in flight and it's just not getting me there and I'm following it closely.  Here's the issues I've had:

1) On initial orbit entry I am cutting main engines at the prescribed ApR of 6.731 but in the help it says that corresponds to an altitude of 360KM and it's not even close

2) Once I perform my orbit insertion I get a good circular orbit but my speed is still well below the ISS's speed and I end up having it chase me over almost and entire orbit instead of me catching it

3) When I do the synching of the orbital planes I'm usually with the 5 degrees specified and can get them in synch within the first two nodes but my speed keeps dropping so the station keeps pulling further away

4) Finally, I have yet to even get close to a rendevous since I end up in an oribt too high generally to have any intersections

Any tips or tricks to getting that orbit right the first time so I can get a shot at that rendevous would be great!!


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