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Author Topic: Apollo-Soyuz package for Orbiter 2010  (Read 4703 times)

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26 September 2011, 16:59:10
Back in 2004, Manuel Amorim ("McDope"), one of the original add-on providers for Orbiter, released a package for use with Orbiter 031217.  This package was for simulations of the Apollo-Soyuz test program from July, 1975 and included launchers for both the Apollo (a basic Saturn 1B) and the Soyuz.  These vehicles included launch auto-pilots and guidance algorithms from Richard Croy, and the animations and meshes were enhanced by Felipe Comparini.

While better meshes and models are available today, these models provide excellent frame rates and are still useful for simulations of this past mission.  I decided to update these models for use with Orbiter 2010 since the originals no longer work under the new Orbiter and I still enjoy flying historically accurate missions using actual state vectors that I have obtained.  Additionally, these models will provide for alternate history simulations with the Shuttle Fleet V4.7.5.  I have added the UMMu capability to the Apollo, Soyuz, and the docking modules and have created attachments for navigation / rendezvous and spot lights using historical documentation of the location of these lights.  Using the state vectors, I have provided historically accurate launch scenarios and an on-orbit docked scenario for use.  I corrected the guidance launch autopilot to allow a launch from Kennedy Space Center on July 15, 1975 (a launch that I actually was present at and watched!)

I hope you enjoy these "legacy" add-ons from the past of Orbiter as well as the enhancements I have created for them.

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