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Author Topic: Reentry MFD not working  (Read 1130 times)

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Offline Scared Bunny

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08 July 2010, 18:11:19

After a two year break I'm revisiting Orbiter and I can't understand why I left. :)

Anyway, in the past I used reentry MFD as a tool to estimate my required deceleration to land on planets and moons with no or almost no atmosphere. Very useful, but I just tried a landing on Brighton Beach, the Moon and as far as I can tell Reentry MFD seems to think Brighton Beach is 50 kilometers north of were it actually is.

When I approach the base at the suggested deceleration it is not enough to make a full stop above the base. If I maintain the suggested deceleration I pass above the base at about 500 m/s, and once I pass the base Reentry MFD still suggests that I decelerate at the present orientation, as if the base were in fact several tens of kilometers farther along my route.

Any ideas?

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