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Author Topic: Slightly Off Topic-Calculating G forces as a function of thrust force  (Read 1120 times)

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Offline Zatnikitelman

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31 March 2008, 03:05:26
Does anyone know how to calculate the amount of G force acceleration a spacecraft is experiencing as a function of
thrust force, specific impulse, mass etc.? I'm playing with AGMFD and would like to try to simulate an Ion engine, but I
think AGMFD uses thrust force interms of G's and not force of the engine.

Offline Ursus

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Reply #1 - 31 March 2008, 06:11:00
Hmmm... It might be possible that one or two Orbinauts know that F=ma (where F is the force in newtons,
m is the mass of the object being accelerated (in kilograms) and a is the acceleration of the object in meters per second per
second, and that 1G would be 9.81 m/s².

(So, how are you at algebra?) :siffle:

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