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Author Topic: The Director's DeltaV  (Read 711 times)

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12 January 2008, 21:43:19
I just noticed that 'TEX' has a video called DeltaV featuring the Delta Glider IV, and also a new forum up and running.

I just wanted to let people know that this is a different DeltaV than my DeltaV, which is just the default Orbiter flight
model recompiled to a .dll - your generic SSTO in orbiter, a pressure compensated single simple mesh no frills beginners
guide to recompiling orbiter addons. This is something I just did so I could prove to myself that I can do it, I'm not
promising any further addon releases until after the new graphics client with scripting is released hopefully this year.

For your information, my working group has performed a full two year ESAS study of our own, on all aspects of launch vehicle architecture analysis, using Orbiter as a simple test bed, and we have published our results in the form of a launch vehicle architecture position paper - a 'white paper', which we have submitted this as a JSC-COTS-2 proposal to NASA.

Our goal was to present a credible alternative to the Ares I (Stick) so that as much of the research and development work already having been performed by NASA can be salvaged, and a rational and affordable commercial Earth to low Earth orbit transportation system can be established within the NASA Commercial Crew and Cargo framework under both the Space Agreement Act and FAR. We are operating under the assumption that 14 SSMEs and several dozen NK-33s will be available for this project, and the baseline crewed vehicle right now is a pair of flyback NK-33 LRBs (liquid reusable boosters) or even Falcon 1/9 stages, assisting an SSME core stage which achieves full orbit, and a heat protected nosecone aeroshield provides the docking test article, the ISS lifeboat, and a large mass and volume reentry vehicle for water splashdown. The unmanned vehicle will be simple SSTO. This proposal is for a single demonstration flight only, after STS (Space Shuttle) retirement. If you want the crewed vehicle to be a mini Delta Glider V, then so be it, but this vehicle is, and will remain, the 'DeltaV', or 'Delta V', since it uses tankage that looks very much like a hybrid of an Ares I upper stage and Delta IV Medium (CBC) common core booster, and is designed to fit (without the main engine) into the three big air transports available, the Super Guppy, the Beluga and the Dreamlifter, for ultimate flight rates of up to one per week.

And in the Orbiter spirit of openness, you may read our COTS proposal yourself for the next four weeks :

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