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Author Topic: Animation  (Read 1391 times)

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11 July 2007, 18:12:17
how do you animate stuff in orbiter?

What do you need


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Reply #1 - 11 July 2007, 20:41:02
ROFL, that was my first post ever on this forum, someone told me to use Anim8or, just google it. but im not a

Fooly Cooly!

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Reply #2 - 14 July 2007, 00:01:25
If you're using vinka's spacecraft.dll, then animating objects is a matter of directing to the right object in the ini file
and giving the right coordinates for a translation, rotation or scale.

In order to do that you need a model, and a different mesh for each part to animate. (Anim8or is a 3d modeller. Use it
to create your model)

Download vinka's spacecraft.dll and read the manual where everything is explained.

For modules I don't know a thing about C++ so I can't help you.

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