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Author Topic: celestra  (Read 1311 times)

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Offline 4weeksholiday

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06 March 2007, 09:10:31
does anyone have any problems with celstra space station. i always seem to have a problem with either texture or a
mesh file according to orbiter.log txt files or a:
**** Orbiter.log
Build Sep 29 2006 [v.060929]
Devices enumerated: 3
Devices accepted: 3
==> RGB Emulation
==> Direct3D HAL
==> Direct3D T&L HAL
Found 1 joystick(s)
Module AtlantisConfig.dll [API v.060425]
Module DGConfig.dll [API v.060425]
Module OrbiterSound.dll [API v.041022]
Module TrackIR.dll [API v.060425]
TrackIR module not found.
Module ScnEditor.dll [API v.060425]
Module Rcontrol.dll [API v.050206]
Module Meshdebug.dll [API v.060425]
Module Framerate.dll [API v.050206]
Module FlightData.dll [API v.050206]
Module ExtMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module CustomMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module InterMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module Fuel.dll [API v.050206]
Module LandMFD.dll [API v.050206]
Module InterMFD421.dll [API v.050206]

**** Creating simulation session
DirectDraw interface OK
Direct3D interface OK
Zbuffer: 16 bit
Render device: Fullscreen 800 x 600
Device has hardware T&L capability
Joystick throttle: Z-AXIS
Joystick throttle control detected
Module Sun.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(E) Sun: Precision 1e-006, Terms 554/6634
Module Mercury.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Mercury: Precision 1e-005, Terms 167/7123
Module Venus.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Venus: Precision 1e-005, Terms 79/1710
Module Earth.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Earth: Precision 1e-008, Terms 2564/2564
Module Moon.dll [API v.041022]
ELP82: Precision 1e-005, Terms 116/829
Module Mars.dll [API v.060425]
VSOP87(B) Mars: Precision 1e-005, Terms 405/6400
Module Phobos.dll [API v.060425]
Module Deimos.dll [API v.060425]
Module Galsat.dll [API v.041022]
Module Jupiter.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Jupiter: Precision 1e-006, Terms 1624/3625
Module Io.dll [API v.041022]
Module Europa.dll [API v.041022]
Module Ganymede.dll [API v.041022]
Module Callisto.dll [API v.041022]
Module Satsat.dll [API v.050206]
Module Saturn.dll [API v.060425]
VSOP87(B) Saturn: Precision 1e-006, Terms 2904/6365
Module Mimas.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Mimas: Terms 113
Module Enceladus.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Enceladus: Terms 33
Module Tethys.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Tethys: Terms 101
Module Dione.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Dione: Terms 59
Module Rhea.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Rhea: Terms 68
Module Titan.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Titan: Terms 100
Module Hyperion.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Hyperion: Terms 595
Module Iapetus.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Iapetus: Terms 605
Module Uranus.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Uranus: Precision 1e-006, Terms 1827/5269
Module Miranda.dll [API v.060425]
Module Ariel.dll [API v.060425]
Module Umbriel.dll [API v.060425]
Module Titania.dll [API v.060425]
Module Oberon.dll [API v.060425]
Module Neptune.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Neptune: Precision 1e-006, Terms 391/2024
Module Triton.dll [API v.060425]
Finished initialising world
>>> ERROR: Missing texture:
>>>        [C:\Source\Orbiter\Texture.cpp / 781]
**** WARNING: Mesh not found: .\Meshes\spmod2.msh
**** WARNING: Mesh not found: .\Meshes\spmod2.msh
>>> ERROR: No vessel class configuration file found for:
>>> ERROR: kvant1
>>>        [C:\Source\Orbiter\Vessel.cpp / 248]

Offline Profil supprimé

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Reply #1 - 06 March 2007, 09:38:35
i tested the pack on a basic Orbiter and it's ok.
I suggest you to donwload again the pack, perhaps a bad downloading the first time.

Offline g2g591

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Reply #2 - 09 March 2007, 01:01:59
:off: this is a forum about DAN'S ADDONS I suggest you post this in orbiter general discussion forum

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Offline DanSteph

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Reply #3 - 09 March 2007, 02:08:53
thread moved...


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