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Author Topic: bad image  (Read 1564 times)

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Offline 4weeksholiday

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14 January 2007, 12:06:09
I have installed the three part orbiter and all ready i have the problem of file presumably a
windows media connect file because every time i launch the 'pad' it displays the message cannot find'msvcp70d.dll'
make bad windows image'does anybody know what i mean and can it fixed,some messages were it's out of

Offline Simonpro

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Reply #1 - 14 January 2007, 13:09:48
Someone has obviously screwed up in an addon they've made.

Check out this webpage and download the runtime library:


Online DanSteph

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Reply #2 - 14 January 2007, 13:29:04
This is a microsoft devellopment library, mean one addon was compiled with "linked libray" (you must have the dll)
instead of "statical library" (function of library are embedded in file) what did you install as addon ?
Solution is to install the missing dll or get ride of this addon.

Another possibilities: it seem to me that a previous version of Orbiter (may release?)
had a problem like this !???


Offline 4weeksholiday

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Reply #3 - 15 January 2007, 08:32:15
no  add-on's just what came bundled with brother had a go at trying something and almost did it, i get flicker and a
black screen. i also got a message concerning ocx file which was other message came with it i.e.mswinsock which he
(my brother)also said would be  take once the dll was, yeah there no add-ons as i said, just what was bundled and also it was out of date. and just did what you've suggested and no, no-go.same..and ijust can't used seeing whole launch towers launching upwards rocket crawsat included.
witht it.thanks..

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