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Author Topic: Determining orbit location  (Read 702 times)

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Offline kaacee

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26 September 2006, 01:33:52

 Being a newbie to the Orbiter program I have been diligently dling document after document to understand the
layout of the program. I've gotten to a point where I feel comfortable with certain modules and spaceships but am
either overwhelmed by information overload or am not seeing the forest for all the trees.

 My question has to do with setting a scenario to a certain date. Now setting the actual date isn't the problem but
has more to do with my deciding which date to use.

 For example, I want to use a scenario to go to Mars but from using some of the mfd's I'm able to determine that in
the particular scenario I want to use that the date is either too far forward or too far behind the optimal distance
between Earth and Mars. (I try to get an optimum velocity vector [I'm probably not using the correct terminology] for
example and see that moving the date on the mfd forward a few hundred times doesn't bring it to a low enough

 Is there a way to get a date as to when Mars is closest to Earth using either the program or one of the mfd's?


EDIT: Ok, I got a good nights sleep and understand now that what I'm looking for is a launch window. Tho I'm curious, most of the documentation that I've seen shows a countdown rather than a "window".

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