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Author Topic: Orbiter's Newtonian Rhapsody (modified Bohemian Rhapsody)  (Read 712 times)

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    • simcosmos
19 July 2006, 10:27:10

Please allow me to make an heads-up regarding a thread at main Orbiter forums: yesterday I uploaded a few months old mp3 that
had here in simcosmos archives :)

It is basically a crazy helium filtered karaoke session of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody but with slightly modified lyrics from
CoolCosmonaut... The modified lyrics are, of course, about astronautics / Orbiter.

For more information / to download, please see:
a) my site's 18/07/2006 News archive (left menu)
b) my site's Multimedia (left menu) - Sound sub-section (top menu that then appears)
c) original Orbiter thread, with the modified lyrics:

Have fun!


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