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Author Topic: Star wars Orbiter :) .  (Read 2466 times)

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Offline yomismo17

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31 August 2005, 06:02:48
Hello, I´m a new forum user, so, firstly, HELLO TO EVERYBODY :D !!!.

I write this post, asking for some help :help: . I´ve been searching on forums, where to download Star wars addons for
orbiter spacesim. The nearest thing i´ve found, has addresed me to avsim, BUT, i´ve only found 3 or 4 ships. Furthermore,
download links dont work propertly, so, i havent been able to download anything :( ... So, can someone give me some links
with star wars´spaceships??? a link, or where to find the death star would be REALLY NICE :D . Thanks on advice, good luck,
and may the force be with you!!!.

Offline StarLost

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Reply #1 - 31 August 2005, 10:12:33
There really isn't all of star wars craft available, but the Tie Fighter is rrrreeeeaaaalllllyyyy well done. The Death Star
is also there (largest ship addon in Orbiter). Wonderful effects when it enters atmosphere.

The two main sites to look are AVSIM and OrbitHanger. OrbitHanger has been split in two with the larger addons being housed
at SpaceSimMods

After that, if you have a particular craft in mind, ask. Those of us who have built archives of where everything is, might be
able to find it for you.

Cheers mate, and welcome to our addiction.

Offline yomismo17

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Reply #2 - 31 August 2005, 19:18:17
well, a wonderrful aircraft (that i havent found, dont know why...) is te ABSOLUTELY POWERFULL Xwing!!!!

Btw, i´ve downloaded the tie fighter addon (about 5 or 6 Mb). It sais it has even a virtual cockpit, but... when i launch the
tie fighter mission, it doesnt appear anything!!!! :'( . If I choose external view, the cam is centered on the middle of the
runwuay (where the spaceship sould be i think) BUT, there is nthiing, and if I choose cockpit view, it only appear the 2 mfd
panels. Furthermore, it doesnt respond to anything. I push "+", and main engines bar doesnt move... just like if there was
not the aircraft there. I´ve seen the reprt bug, and, someone asked the same as me, and smeone answered:

"You must to have the vinka's spacecraft in your orbiter path (see )"

i´ve gne to that address, and have downladed:

 base package (multistage + spacecraft) 050721 for Orbiter build 050216
 multistage full package (dll + examples) 050721 for Orbiter build 050216
 spacecraft full package (dll + examples) 050721 for Orbiter build 050216

But it still doesnt work. Can any1 help me with this????

PS: In the other hand, I´ve been orbiting on a STARDESTROYER and on the awesome Millenium Falcon :) :) :) :) . WONDERFULL!!!

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