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Author Topic: Made it to Mars  (Read 713 times)

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Offline Demosthanese

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23 August 2005, 01:03:09
After I ejected from Earth, I was in a stable Orbit around the Sun, so at this point, it was just like getting to Phobos from
Mars in the T3 tutorial. I birned to get my orbit to intersect, I waited to reach the Ascending node, and burned anti-orbit
to align planes, then I got my DTMin down to about 7 seconds. It didn't stay there, so I had to make RTS corrections
periodically, but that used about 5% of my RTS reactant.

Once I got there, I stabilized my orbit at an altitude of 300km.

I left orbit at MJD 51977.9153050243 and entered mars orbit at MJD 52204.7312838692, so it took me about 227 days to get there.

Next question: How do I get down from here?! I still can't do a decent re-entry. I just attempted to land near olympus, and
crashed 50kms south west of the base, where I proceeded to tumble and roll until I came to a stop 200km south by south east
of the base.

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