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Author Topic: Machholz Express Orbiter Mission : the video just arrived!  (Read 715 times)

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Offline SimFan

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10 February 2005, 13:48:08
Hi :)

Please check the black level of your display and don't forget to switch on your loudspeakers!

2 min 12s duration

HiRes 16:9 versions (856x480) 14.5 MBytes

Such a res requires a not too much so-so machine. And not all players plays equal ;)

If the movie shows stallings, close your other applications in order to free memory, try another player (the most
spurned one works the best with my machine) then downgrade to versions :

MedRes 16:9 versions (428x240) 3.9 MBytes

I'd be glad if you could tell me what version and player works fine with your machine. Thks :)

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SF  :)