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Links page

Main Orbiter's links official website of Martin, author of Orbiter. Orbiter's download page.
http://orbitersimulator.comAlternate download page with landsat textures.
http://www.orbiter-forum.comThe main forum.


Orbit Hangar ModsThe main repository of Orbiter addons. Extensive and frequently updated.
Pappy's Hangar ModsThe main repository of the french community's addons.
Must have addonsA list of recommended addons.
AMSOHome of Alain Capt's Apollo Mission Sim for Orbiter project.
Altea AerospaceAltea Aerospace Doug's Orbiter page, home of the XR fleet.
Vinka's Orbiter siteVinka's 3DS to Orbiter mesh converter. Home of spacecraft.dll and multistage.dll.
Jarmonik's pageHome of InterplanetaryMFD ('IMFD', navigation MFD) and other addons.
Duncan's Orbiter placeHome of TransX MFD (navigation MFD) and other addons.

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BienvenueThe main tutorial how to download and install Orbiter.
Documentation d'OrbiterThe main Orbiter's documentation in french.
Pappy's Hangar ModsAddons and tutorials of the french community's addons.
Tutoriels FrancophoneFrench tutorials.