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Title: [Stations] Ceres V3
Post by: siriusfett on 01 February 2010, 14:50:41
Ceres V3


Ceres is a futuristic space station, it has 12 docks (8 virtuals in hangars and 4 outside for heavy ships) surrounding sounds, and is compatible with the Dan's UMmu.

Thanks to Dan and no matter
The main external texture is not mine, thanks to the author.

  • Antenna rotation: key K
  • EVA: E
  • Keys 1 & 2 allow to select the mmu for EVA.
  • Key 3 allows a EVA when a Spacecraft is docked to Ceres

Addon's require:
Universal MMu 2.0 by DanSteph (http://orbiter.dansteph.com/index.php?disp=d)
OrbiterSound 3.5 by DanSteph (http://orbiter.dansteph.com/index.php?disp=d)

Essential Addons for the scenario "Multi_docking_Ceres":
Deepstar 1.0 by eightymileshigh (http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=2205)
DESCARTES Deep Space Vessels by gregburch (http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=2786)

Unzip directly in your Orbiter folder.

Version 1.1: 19/08/2007
  • More MMU avalaible (40)

Version 2: 23/09/07
  • small modification of textures
  • Docks Added (by Dansteph)
  • Sounds added (by Dansteph)
  • The dll file changed (by Dansteph) for a best interactivity with the ummu, and a HUD added for a best management.

Version 3: 01/02/10
  • Bug with old style config solved
  • Support UMmu 2.0 (by Dansteph)
  • New key to clear and add crew (by Dansteph)

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Ceres V3


Ceres est une station spatiale futuriste, elle comporte 12 docks (8 virtuels dans les hangars et 4 en extérieur pour les gros spacecraft), des sons d'ambiance, et est compatible avec l'UMmu de Dan.

Merci à Dan et no matter
La texture extérieur principal n'est pas de moi, merci à son auteur.


Addon's requis:
UMmu 2.0 de Dansteph (http://orbiter.dansteph.com/index.php?disp=d)
OrbiterSound 3.5 de Dansteph (http://orbiter.dansteph.com/index.php?disp=d)

Addon's indispensable pour le scénario "Multi_docking_Ceres":
Deepstar 1.0 de eightymileshigh (http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=2205)
DESCARTES Deep Space Vessels de gregburch (http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=2786)

dézipper directement le zip dans votre dossier d'orbiter.

Version 1.1: 19/08/07

Version 2: 23/09/07

Version 3: 01/02/10

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