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Title: Orbiter 2010, 2050 video limitation
Post by: NASSAC on 06 July 2010, 22:08:31
I downloaded and installed 2010 Orbiter and found that the 2050 wide graphics limitation still exists. I was hoping this would have been addressed in the update. I am using Matrox triple head digital in my educational simulator. The 2050 displays across two screens only in window mode. I can only get all three screens filled if I lower the graphics down to triple 600x400. But it looks really bad. Also on my Matrox setup the line widths for the HUD are very large. I am not sure if there is anything I can do to resolve this problem. I have tried every possible setting in my setup to no avail.

I have settled on using 2050x768 in window mode with by screen resolution set to 3078x768 and I am still using 2006 version as the graphics for the HUD looks better.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. :siffle: