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Title: ver?
Post by: 4weeksholiday on 17 March 2007, 06:52:35
i have 60929 build, and i was wondering how many you need just for one version because i can see there are quite a
few add-ons for other versions. i don't want clutter my orbiter directory with any version add-on.
Title: Re: ver?
Post by: ar81 on 17 March 2007, 07:06:41
The most common compatibility problem you may have is when an addon has a surface base designed for an older version, you may
get a CTD.  So basically you need to read the sticky thread about how to convert Orbiter 2005 addons to 2006.

Some other old addons like planets and some vessels and MFDs also may have compatibility problems but there is no way to make
them run in the latest Orbiter.  I bet some people still may have Orbiter 2005.  2005 and 2006 cover most of the available
Title: Re: ver?
Post by: tritoch on 18 March 2007, 02:35:20
you can use addons for earlier versions on P1 edition(060929)