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Author Topic: [Vaisseaux] Herschel & Planck  (Read 3818 times)

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Offline BrianJ

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12 May 2009, 15:04:54
Spoiler  See this post in english (Addon's Gallery is at the end of post):
Herschel & Planck

By BrianJ, Papyref

ESA's two flagship astrophysics missions. Herschel: the largest infrared telescope ever flown in space. Planck: mapping the Cosmic microwave Background in greater detail than any previous mission. The two spacecraft will be launched on the same Ariane5ECA launcher into lissajous (halo) orbits around the Earth-Sun L2 point.

Add-on includes Herschel and Planck spacecraft, launch and on-orbit scenarios, flight notes in English and French.

Also includes HerschelPlanckMFD for viewing orbits around the L2 point in a rotating frame.

Required add-ons:
spacecraft3.dll and multistage2.dll from Vinka
Ariane 5 from Well & Nomatter
Kourou CSG from Mustard et Papyref

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Herschel & Planck

Par BrianJ, Papyref

Cet addon contient les 2 satellites scientifiques Herschel et Planck lancé par Ariane 5 le 14 mai 2009. Ces deux satellites doivent être placé sur un points de Lagrande L2. Intègre un MFD dédié au point L2.

Add-on nécessaires:
spacecraft3.dll et multistage2.dll de Vinka
Ariane 5 de Well & Nomatter
Kourou CSG de Mustard et Papyref

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