First thanks of course go to Martin himself; without him and his Orbiter creation, none of this would have happened!

Special thanks to all active beta testers:

Sunshine135, Xyon, woo482, gattico, the.punk, Shadow Addict, Nemoricus, insanity, tl8roy, Dambuster, Fox-Terrier, Murdock, JackJL, Buzz313th, reekchaa, alrik.

Special thanks to documentation correcter:

Sunshine135 (almost all pdf)
gattico (many helps and readme)
Xyon (html doc)
woo482 (scenarios)
tl8roy (Arrow freighter's help)

Special thanks for support:

Thanks to my friend Frank "Picto" who worked with me on UCO & ABFO (ancestor of UCGO, see videos)
Thanks to Matt "Sunshine135" Dimock my american friend who follow me since a long time in all my Orbiter projects
Thanks to the French speaking community of my forum for many posts of support
Thanks to members of the Orbiter-Forum who wrote in the UCGO topic during months

Last but not the least, special thanks to my familly, the best things that ever happened in my life, my wonderful wife Christine who has supported me for years and my wonderful kids, Julien and Laureline.


Thanks to Frank "Picto" for the lunar rover model.
Thanks to Patrick "Star345" for some UMmu meshes and textures ressources. (usually reworked)
Somes sound found on (usually reworked)
Most humain textures based on photos from
Free barrel fuel model found on
Woman head and body based on free model from Cartman found on
Free Chrysler laser model is from