Getting started - learn DeltaGliderIV-3 in three steps:

  1. First step is to learn how to use DeltaGliderIV-3 check-list:
    Go to DeltagliderIV-3 check-list page

  2. Second step is to run all DeltaGliderIV-3 tutorial scenarios:
    Go to DeltaGliderIV tutorial scenario page

  3. Once above completed you can read the full DeltaGliderIV-3 PDF documentation:
    Read full DeltaGliderIV-3 PDF documentation

DGIV-3 january 2014 update

- Added the new PreludeIII base.
- Fully compatible with graphics clients. Tested on DX11 and DX9 clients (asmi & jarmonik).
- Using OrbiterSound 4.0 some sound are in 3d (open nosecone in external view for example)
- Atmospheric flight controls now much more reactive for a better flight experience.
- Airlock local light (open nosecone).
- 4 MFDs available on the main panel (ONLY if you run Orbiter with at least a 1920 wide screen).
- Ground vent exhaust don't make DGIV jump anymore on moon with low gravity.
- Added the Skin SDK zip in folder "textures2/DGIV/SKIN".
- All scenarios corrected to take in account Orbiter2010.
- NOTE: The DGIV-3, due to new Orbiter2010 features, does not run anymore on Orbiter2006.

4 MFDs available on the main panel (ONLY if you run Orbiter with at least a 1920 wide screen)

DGIV-2 January 2010 update

DGIV-2 is a "minor" update of the DGIV, about nothing was added/changed APPART the support of UCGO cargoes and update from UMmu 1.5 to UMmu 2.0. Still UCGO cargoes add a LOT of possibilities to the DGIV-2, so please download also UCGO. Once done open the scenary editor and load the news UCGO cargo into bay (up to four). Try out the new UCGO and UMmu 2.0 scenario you'll not be decieved.

UCGO contain also a cool mother ship the "Arrow Freighter" that can load the DGIV in it's bay. You can see on this video the mother ship, a UCGO cargo base and some cars at start.

Universal Cars and Cargos for Orbiter (UCGO) video:

Download from my server if youtube don't work for you: (40mb)

Or see the video on youtube: